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Household Recipes and Handy Hints - The Dawn: A Journal for Australian Women (Sydney) September 1889

The Dawn: A Journal for Australian Women was an early feminist journal published monthly in Sydney, Australia between 1888 and 1905. It was first published 15 May 1888 by Louisa Lawson using the pen name of Dora Falconer. The subtitle was later changed to A Journal for the Household. It became the official publication of the Australian Federation of Women Voters.

Household Recipes.
Queen Pudding. — One teacup of bread crumbs, soaked until soft in one pint of sweet milk, one-half teacup of sugar, yolks of two eggs, one teaspoonful lemon extract, one-half teaspoonful salt. Beat well and bake until set, then over pudding spread layer of jam or preserves, over preserves a meringue, made by beating whites of two eggs until very stiff, then adding three teaspoonfuls glanulated sugar. Place in the oven until delicately browned. Serve cold.
Gem Pudding. — Two teacups of bread crumbs, two eggs, one teacup sugar, one teacup chopped figs and two of milk, one teaspoonful cinnamon, one-half teaspoonf…
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List of Valuations of Rateable Property Within the Shire of Portland (Victoria) 1890

Shire of Portland.

LIST OF VALUATIONS of rateable property within the Shire of Portland for the year 1890.
Any persons aggrieved thereby can appeal within one month of making the rate, provided seven days notice be given to the Council of intention to make such appeal
By order,
January 15, 1890.

Adamson, Emma - Myamyn - £11 0

Adamson, George R. - Myamyn - £47 0

Adamson, William, - Greenhills - £51 10

Alexander, Robt. F. - Brambarra - £70 0

Allen, Edward - Branxholme - £18 0

Anderson, John - Branxholme - £180 0

Arden, Alfred - Tahara - £531 10

Armstrong, Philip - Arrandoovong - £200 10

Austin, Joseph - Andlay - £489 0

Ayimer, Patrick - Tahara - £25 0

Bannam, James - Myamyn - £(35?) 0

Bannam, James - junr., Myamyn - £35 0

Bannam, Janet - Myamyn - £24 0

Bannam, Maria - Myamyn - £27 0

Barclay, Francis W. B. - Myamyn - £35 0

Barclay, Robert - Myamyn - £19 0

Bayley, Ernest A. - Annya - £48 0

Bayley, Louisa - Annya - £27 0

Beecham, James - Green Hills -…

The Bushrangers - Part Twenty-Six - Eugowra Escort Trial - Evidence of Dan Charters, The Informer

The trial of the Eugowra escort robbers furnished the citizens of Sydney with one of the biggest sensations that had ever been provided for them in the criminal sphere, and very little else was talked about in the city during the several days over which it extended.

On Tuesday, February 3rd, 1863, the Special Sessions was opened, Mr. Justice Wise occupying the Bench, and the Attorney-General with Mr. W. Butler conducting the prosecution for the Crown.

Manns, Fordyce, Bow, and McGuire were placed in the dock, Mr. (afterwards Sir) James Martin and Mr. Isaacs appearing for the defence.
After some delays, the procession of witnesses began. Sir F. Pottinger and Inspector Sanderson gave evidence relating to their adventures in search of the gang, while Condell, Moran, and Fagan described the sticking-up at Eugowra.
Evidence was called to prove the ownership of the gold, also that the rifles and cloak found at the deserted camp belonged to the Queen; and then came the evidence for which all …

General Post Office, Queen Street, Brisbane, 1897

View Original:General Post Office, Queen Street, Brisbane, 1897; Queensland State Archives, Digital Image ID 2194

The Bushrangers - Part Twenty-Five - The Eugowra Gold Escort Robbery - The Police in Pursuit of the Thieves

Meanwhile the Inspector-General had been moved to greater activity, and inspectors and superintendents in the force stationed in other districts were ordered out in pursuit. Mr. Superintendent Morrissett with six troopers went from Bathurst, Captain Battye and some of his men started from Yass, and all converged to the common centre, which had been made the chief point of interest to every individual in the colony. As soon as the Government had received particulars of the robbery, they caused the following notice to be published:–

Whereas it has been represented to the Government that on the afternoon of the 15th instant the Gold Escort from the Lachlan was attacked on the road between Forbes and Orange by a band of armed men, said to be ten in number, and described as dressed in red shirts, red caps, with their faces blackened, who fired on and wounded the police forming the guard, opened the Mail Bags and Letters and …

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